Gerard Way was born and raised in New Jersey, but the former My Chemical Romance frontman says his first solo album actually sounds like it comes from the other side of the Atlantic. 

Way tells "NME" his untitled studio effort "feels like a British album," explaining that he was inspired by Britpop bands like Blur and Pulp and post-punk acts like Wire and Gang of Four.  Way adds that he was "going for a lot of things that were completely new" to him. 

He shared his first solo single "Action Cat" last month, and is expected to unveil more new music when he takes the stage at two of the U.K.'s biggest festivals, Reading and Leeds. 

Way says it's fitting that he makes his live solo debut in the U.K., both because of the British feel to his new album and because he feels the U.K. was the first place to "fully understand My Chemical Romance."  He expects the same to happen with his solo career, so he felt it needed to be set off there.  The Reading and Leeds festivals are both scheduled to take place between August 22nd and the 24th.