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The guys in the Gaslight Anthem run into a different type of bar crowd in their new video for "Get Hurt." 

The clip features the New Jersey rockers performing the new single in a dimly lit establishment for some rather sleepy looking patrons.  But when the chorus hits, everyone in the crowd starts breaking out some interpretive dance moves that suggest they're dealing with some hurt of their own. 

"Get Hurt" is the second single and title track from the Gaslight Anthem's upcoming fifth studio album, which is due out August 12th. 

The band says "Get Hurt" will have a "completely different vibe" compared to their previous albums.  Frontman Brian Fallon says part of that new vibe comes from working with Mike Crossey, who produced the debut album from British indie rockers The 1975.  Fallon says they thought the band sounded different, and they wondered what kind of sound they'd get if they worked with the same guy. 

Check out their "Get Hurt" music video below! 

Photo: YouTube