An Italian court, run by kangaroos, has decided that Amanda Knox is guilty of murdering her roommate after declaring her innocent, letting her out of jail, and allowing her to fly back to the United States.


Now they say she’s not innocent, have re-instated the guilty conviction, and want her to return to Italy so they can throw her back into the hoosegow for 28 years. Her Italian defense attorney, no F. Lee Bailey by any means, stumbled around in the courtroom in shock after a panel of kangaroos, clad in blade robes and silly hats, concluded Knox was indeed guilty and not innocent.


In the United States, that’s called double jeopardy. That means you can’t issue a verdict of innocence and then try someone again and again until you reach a guilty verdict. Amanda Knox was declared guilty by the Italian court that found her guilty the first time, then reconvened four years later and said evidence proved she was innocent. They let her out of the jug and she flew home. Now, because some prosecutor has a burr buried in his ass, he wants her found guilty again.


Sorry pal, you can’t have her back. If I were Obama, I’d have the head monkey of the Italian justice system on the phone right now telling him, “ You’ve got as much chance of getting her extradited as you do resurrecting the Roman empire”, which by the way, was the first justice system to declare that a person could not be tried twice for the same crime.


Amanda Knox is worried. She doesn’t want to be extradited and tossed in a dingy Roman pokey for 28 years. Although State Department officials in this country have weighed in and said that even if the Fifth Amendment protects her here in this country, it doesn’t hold for crimes committed in other countries.


There’s no way I’m going to let Amanda Knox to be extradited back to Italy and you’re invited to join me as well. This poor woman has been to the Tenth circle of Hell and back again. The court found her innocent the second time. Now they’ve found her guilty again. Sorry Italy, but it doesn’t work that way over here. Go chase the mafia around in circles. Amanda Knox isn’t going anywhere, not if I can help it.