Now the government, which has become eerily more intrusive on our right to privacy under Obama’s watch, wants to see what we’re up to when running errands, going to the supermarket, going to work, out on a date or where we’re going on a road trip.


The Federal government wants the ability to follow us around in our vehicles by tracking our license plates. All our license plates, not just those of suspected criminals or terrorists. The Department of Homeland security will have a massive data bank that contains all of our license plates. This way, any local county Mountie or law enforcement agent anywhere in the country will be able to access this data bank and download all the information regarding that plate. Who it’s registered to, where they’re from, and any incidental background information on that plate.


You’re driving through Iowa with the family on a vacation. Law enforcement wants to see who it is they’re following. They cue the data bank and within seconds get readout of whom you are, what you do to make a living, what your social security number is, whether you have permission to own a firearm, and any black marks you may have on your driving record.


What if your son is using the family car to take the current love of his life out on a date and pedals the car over the speed limit? How does law enforcement proceed when it finds the plate is registered to you and not your son? When you fill out your registration will you have to list all those who have permission to drive your vehicle? How will the cops know the kid behind the wheel didn’t steal the car just because he has the same last name you do?


This is serious stuff. This is a violation of your privacy rights. You have the right to travel anywhere in this country in your registered vehicle with a valid driver’s license without having law enforcement read all about you on a printout. Sounds more to me like Orwell’s 1984 than it does Obama’s 2014.