Think about this. There are no leaders. No one is leading us anywhere. We go about our business, decide what’s best for us, and lead our lives. Nobody leads them for us.


Politicians and people obsessed with politics are always yapping about “leadership”. What leadership? The sworn oath of the skilled politician is to find out where the people are going and follow them. Otherwise, that politician will never be reelected.


Governors don’t lead. Presidents don’t lead, and so called religious leaders don’t lead. Quarterbacks make decisions on which wide receivers are open, what the defense is doing, and whether to run with the ball or throw it away. Coaches don’t lead. They don’t manipulate the physical dynamics of their players. They do their best to put talented people into the right positions to benefit the overall performance of the team. That’s not leadership. That’s decision making.


No one leads anyone into battle. The platoon commander can decide to engage the enemy, but doesn’t “lead” them into combat. He or she puts their squad into a position where he or she thinks each individual will do their best and leaves the rest up to chaos.


Human beings aren’t robotic devices. They’re complex, emotional, organic life forms. You don’t like being led around do you? I don’t either. When was the last time you “followed” someone into a chaotic event. That’s what life is. Whether we admit it or not, there is no real order, just imaginary discipline. We do things to stay out of each other’s way so we can take care of business and make sure our ass stays intact while doing so. No one can lead us into or out of anything. Leadership is an illusion. Sound judgment and self preservation are not.