Here’s the deal in Ukraine. A bunch of right wing hooligans overthrew the democratically elected President of Ukraine. Why? Because he decided to accept aid for his nearly bankrupt state from the Russians instead of the European Union. The reason he didn’t go for the European Union deal was because the EU demanded strict austerity measures before they gave him any money. In other words, Ukraine would have to exist on a diet of soda crackers, water, and grass clippings.


So he took the deal offered by Russia with no strings attached. Russia offered to lend Ukraine even more money than the European Union did. Right wing thugs stormed government buildings and caused chaos in the streets when they learned that the President had decided to accept the Russian offer and not the European Union’s.


The democratically elected President of Ukraine was forced to flee the city of Kiev because of threats to his life. Once he was gone, right wing revolutionaries installed themselves as a makeshift government claiming legitimacy. For some ugly, incomprehensible reason, the United States, rather than defend the democratically elected government of Ukraine, chose to play ball with these clowns.


Our government refuses to back the democratic process in Ukraine, dumping rhetorical garbage all over the reality of what’s happened. We’re not backing up a democracy. We’re endorsing an illegal takeover of the government of Ukraine.


Putin is portrayed as the bad guy because the Russian speaking people in the Crimea asked Russia to protect them from the illegitimate coup that shoved itself through the doors of democracy in Kiev. The Crimea, by the way, has 11,000 Russian troops stationed at their navy base in the Black Sea, an installation operating there for years.


Why doesn’t the Obama administration, our Congress, and our State Department tell us the truth about what’s happened in Ukraine instead of squawking like crows, hopping  around in circles, trying to come up with ways to slap Putin on his ass and make his life miserable. He didn’t overthrow the government in Kiev. Why aren’t the American people getting the facts? Why aren’t we are being told what really happened?


Unfortunately this hasn’t been the first time the United States deceived its own people. And it won’t be the last.