The Target parking lot is packed. Cars move into and out of parking spaces. Because of the time of year, most shoppers try to park as close as they can to the front entrance of the store.


There’s a half dozen handicap parking spaces near the front entrance and most people respect those spaces. I know I certainly do. When I injured my back, I came to understand how difficult it is for disabled people to make it even a few yards to the store.


So it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and parking lot roulette in full swing; people looking for back up lights, looking for cars with their trunks open, shoppers loading their white and red plastic Target bags. As usual, some people get in their cars, start up the engines, and sit there for some unknown reason, either talking on their cells or with each other, but not bothering to back out of the parking space. Meanwhile more cars and SUV’s are pulling in, waiting for that spot to open up.


In the middle of all this chaos, a couple is pushing a cart into the store with two kids inside the carriage. Instead of moving over to the right or left to avoid oncoming traffic, they walk right down the center lane , facing into traffic, both of them smiling and yapping while drivers are sitting there, waiting until Mr. and Mrs. Doofus move out the traffic lane.


Now traffic is beginning to back up because apparently the husband forgot something in the car. Meanwhile his wife parks the carriage in the traffic lane and waits. There’s ten vehicles backed up because of these two clueless morons. The wife is smiling and playing around with the kids in the carriage.


I see more and more people, so lost inside their own worlds, they forget about the rest of us. Add that behavior to people who have finished their shopping but refuse to leave their parking space because it’s more important for them to tell someone on their cell phones about their shopping experience or just shoot the breeze. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for this malady. People have changed, the culture has changed, and there’s no going back. Everyone is privileged now. They don’t care about the lives of others they have to interact with, move with, or commune with. All they’re focused on is their tiny little world, not the larger galaxy in which that world exists.