Now I read reports that daylight savings time is messing us up because people missed an hour of sleep.


An hour of sleep?


Have we all lost our minds? How many hours of sleep have you tossed aside watching a late inning baseball game or Sunday Night Football or stayed up late to watch something on HBO? How many people in college have studied all night for an exam the next morning? Are they messed up? Test scores show otherwise.


Some researchers suggest it’s the added hour of sunlight screwing up our body clocks, disrupting the function of our internal organs, sending us spinning into some sort of neurotic dervish where nothing is under control. To me, this is nothing more than hog hockey.


My mornings are brighter and certainly my nights are more pleasant with DST. I wish we could stay this way all year. DST has shown to cut down on the number of traffic fatalities and accidents on a long term basis. It’s miserable driving home in the dark in the winter, especially if the weather is bad. If it is, more accidents happen than would have happened if we’d just left the clocks alone.


I vote for keeping daylight savings time all year long. I’d rather be waiting for the bus on a dark morning than trudging through the night on my way home. With daylight savings time, we’d improve the spirits of the workforce, be more productive, and less likely to grumble and bitch on the way home because it’s so damn depressing, so dark.


Daylight savings time saves energy, saves lives, and soothes anxiety. There are more of us driving to work than waiting at the bus stop. Let them give up twenty minutes of daylight for the reprieve from depression the rest of us confront. Seems like a simple solution to this idiotic screwing around with time.