Are we, all of us on this planet, computer simulations?  Is the universe a simulation universe running on a massively powered computer by an advanced civilization? An Oxford University philosopher doesn't just suggest we might be a computer simulation, he contends we are probably are a computer simulation.

His reason for this is all the information we've gathered from around the world about the rapid growth of computer technology and solid scientific reasoning that shows a rational scientific person has to take seriously the possibility that we are already living in a computer simulated world.

One of these days, given our continuing advances in computer technology, civilization will begin to run simulations of our ancestors, the ones who created our simulation. In the future we may also make a re-appearance in those advanced simulations. But if humans have already reached that advanced stage that means we're be living in a computer simulation right now.

There’s no way to prove that we're not living in a computer simulation which gets really weird when you think about it. Our achievements in computer power technology have been so rapid that rational, reasonable, scientific people are now beginning to accept this possibility.

Imagine.  Humans evolved to such an advanced stage that they were able to create simulations of themselves. So while we exist here in the present, as computer simulations, all of our history, dinosaurs, Neanderthals, the beginnings of life, rocks, steam, the outer planets, and even the Big Bang is a computer simulation.

Scientists who study this stuff suggest that we've accomplished so many technological breakthroughs that it's inconceivable, given what we know now about how the human brain processes and accumulates knowledge, that we couldn't have come this far unless we had a "push" of some kind, a remarkable enhancement of our ability to calculate and do the math and discover a significant particle responsible for this accomplishment. It's as if, worldwide, all of us have been upgraded by an unknown surge in the ability of our minds to accomplish these stunning achievements.