I tried to lift something that was way too heavy for me to handle. I used my legs like you're supposed to do but the weight of the object shifted causing me to go sideways. I felt something let loose on the inside of the back of my right leg. My left knee hurt too but not as much as the back of my leg did.

I thought I'd pulled a hamstring muscle. When I put my right leg out to walk it just wobbled. I had to limp. The inside of my knee hurt when I pressed it on a certain spot. My butt felt sore making it difficult to walk.

I drove to urgent care where the physician on call gave me a prescription for pain pills and a muscle relaxer. Neither of them worked. That night I didn't sleep at all. The next morning I called my doctor. He had me come in so he could look for any bruises on the back of my leg. Since there were none I probably hadn't pulled apart a tendon or ligament. He gave me a prescription for a more powerful pain pill and sent me off to see a physical therapist.

Physical therapy is unlike anything I've ever experienced. First, the therapist has you try to move in different ways. He asked me to touch my toes which I couldn't do. He had me lie on a table and bend my legs. He moved the right leg until it became painful then stopped. He tested my left knee as well. Physical therapists can tell what’s wrong with you by the movements you're able to make.

He said my leg injury was caused by muscles and nerves in the small of my back. My knee was what he called an MCL issue which he said usually heals by itself with no problems. He manipulated my right leg again to check its flexibility then wrapped straps around my ankles and leaned back, He was putting traction on my spine and it felt great.

The therapist has me doing sets of exercises that will aid in healing my condition. He has me lie on my back, squeeze my butt cheeks together and bridge my body up. He has me sit on a table, wrap a towel around the bottom of my toes, and has me pull on them ten times. There’s also one where I tighten my upper thigh muscle and lift my leg. Hopefully I'll steadily improve. After the therapy I'm able to walk better and the pain in my leg and knee isn’t as bad as was before I was treated.

If you screw up like I did just remember that the sooner you get medical attention the more likely it is that you'll heal faster. Also, think before you act. Otherwise you could have a pain in the ass just like I have.