The rhetoric is deep and murky. Political candidates almost none of us know anything about are announcing that they’d like to run for public office.

None of these pretenders are seeking to sit on the throne to serve in the public interest. They seek to serve their own.

This country was not founded so that political parties could exist. The Founding Fathers never envisioned Republican or Democrat parties. The only parties they did envision was ones where they all got loaded and had a few laughs. When George Washington was poking around to become the countries first president, he sent all potential supports cases of booze. The dawn of influence began to rise.

I have no idea what’s on the minds of these selfish bandits, what sort of self serving agenda they intend to pursue. I do know that after holding public office, in which they do nothing at all to serve the people, their influence is worth the price people will pay to employ them for those services.

Most politicians are lawyers. You see examples of this every time a prominent person is accused of a serious crime, even if that crime is wailing down the Interstate at a million miles an hour. If they’re a high profile person, the president of a bank let’s say, they’ll grab a lawyer who previously served as the attorney general of the state to represent them in court. The fee to handle their case is exorbitant, not because the attorney is a skilled defense strategist, but because he or she knows how to contact the right people to make sure his client gets every opportunity to cover his ass from any serious consequences.

One of the ways you can tell if a politician has no intention of serving the people is when they say they’re going to “ help working families succeed”. Succeed at what? Ice hockey? They’ll never tell you just what it is they’re talking about. It’s all empty pocket, meaningless rhetoric.

Beware of anyone who stands before the media and reads from prepared remarks. They didn’t write this baloney. One of their paid consultants scribbled it. The candidate doesn’t even understand what it is he’s saying except he thinks it sounds good.

Finally, there’s the aforementioned “consultant”. Why does someone who seeks to earnestly serve the needs of the people need a posse of high paid political consultants? Does a butler hire consultants so he can serve the needs of his employer? Serve a better martini? Answer the door properly?

Consultants make sure the candidate speaks and acts in such a way that he “appears” to be serving the needs of the people. They tally poll results and set the course for the candidate to take advantage of these results, or, if those polls show he’s behind, how to fire up the hot air needed to get his balloon airborne.

Don’t let these phonies hypnotize you with their silver tongues and carefully constructed agendas. The only thing on their minds is how much interest they’ll accrue on their influence after sitting for a spell on their ass in the throne room of the mayor or governor’s prestigious, and inaccessible, "office of the people".