Are you unemployed? Have you been looking for a job for months, maybe years? Are you paralyzed with fear now that Congress is dithering whether to extend unemployment benefits to the long term unemployed? Do you wonder why that ravenous pack of millionaires on Capitol Hill won’t take out their federal wallets and cough up a few bucks to keep 1.3 million people from living on the streets?

Maybe you should move to Cairo Egypt. Right now, Egypt is upside down with the military running the country and the Islamic based Brotherhood brooding and bombing in the background. Egyptian military generals are allowing citizens to vote on a referendum as long as they vote “yes” and not “no”. Those campaigning to vote “no” on the military referendum are arrested and thrown in the hoosegow.

So why move to Egypt? Because Congress authorized 1.3 billion dollars in military aid to Egypt plus another 250 million dollars if they move towards a more democratic form of government. We’ve got enough money to support a military coup in Egypt but not enough cash in the national bank account to support our own citizens.

Congress complains the United States can’t afford to extend unemployment benefits. We can afford, however, to write a 1.3 billion dollar check, no strings attached, no payback required, no debate, to prop up a military government that we hope will turn Egypt into a democracy. Why should the Egyptian military consider running the country as a democracy when they’re getting paid to run it as a military dictatorship and to keep it up and running by cash from our own Senate Foreign Relations Committee?

You could always get a job shooting down members of the Muslim Brotherhood to put food on the table for your wife and kids. Just move to Egypt and swear your allegiance to the military government. You’ll get a chunk of that American military aid to keep a roof over your head and your family from living on the streets. I can’t say the same for the desperate, unemployed people back here at home.