I love coffee. I love the taste and the zip it gives me in the morning and throughout the day. I used to drink more coffee than I do now. Don't ask me why, I just don't.

I drink my coffee black. Some people put cream and sugar in their coffee. To me, that’s like putting milk in beer.

I grew up in Minnesota.  People up there refer to coffee as “Swedish gasoline". Few people in Minnesota put cream or sugar in their coffee.

I can't remember when I first started to drink coffee. I might have been fourteen or fifteen. I remember going to coffee houses such as Dudley Riggs which featured a troop of entertainers that provided entertainment, poetry readings, and political rants. Going to Dudley Riggs for coffee was a tradition when going out on a date.

My favorite commercial coffees are Starbucks, Peet's, and McDonalds. When I first had a cup of McDonald’s coffee, a place you wouldn't think would be known for its coffee, I was happily surprised. The coffee was brewed perfectly and the taste was expressive with a smooth finish. The caffeine level was tempered just enough to keep your nerves from being frazzled.

European coffee is a mess and doesn't contain much caffeine. Coffee is served in small cups and tastes bitter and dark. It dries up your mouth and doesn't deliver the boost in mood and attitude as other coffees do.

The coffees that contain the highest levels of caffeine are the light to medium roasts. Dark roasted coffee, although I like the taste of it, contains much less caffeine.

Years ago, coffee was considered detrimental to your health. Now it's considered beneficial for the body. It may prevent some cancers as well as helping the rest of your organs function properly.

Some people enjoy decaffeinated coffee. I don't understand that. Why eliminate one of elements that make drinking coffee such a personal pleasure. To me, taking caffeine out of coffee is like taking the fizz out of soda. The taste is flat and uninspiring. You might as well just have a cup of flavored water.

Sometimes I drink coffee before I go to bed and it doesn't keep me awake. On the contrary, it helps make my dreams more vivid and the characters in them much more interesting.

I'm glad I live on a planet that grows coffee. As David Letterman once said, "Without coffee, this show wouldn't exist." I know exactly what he means.