I read somewhere that children laugh an average of more than four hundred times a day. Adults laugh about seventeen times a day.

I understand that. Adults have important things on their minds. They don't think life is as funny as kids do because adults have had more life experiences. In other words, they've heard that joke before.

Adults, however, do something that few children do. They drop F-bombs. Whether it's a silent F-bomb that explodes inside their brains or a verbal one, loud enough for others to hear, F-bombs are dropped all day by thoroughly reasonable and respectable people.

The reason for these bombing runs varies; a pent up emotion, a surprising, unexpected event such as being pulled over for speeding, a sudden disappointment, difficulty doing or fixing something.

Recently I injured myself and it'll take eight to ten weeks to heal. A month has passed and thanks to physical therapy I'm doing much better. I bent over the other day to get something out of my car and a sudden flash of pain went off somewhere in the upper part of the back of my thigh, warning me not to proceed any further. I backed off but not without dropping an F-bomb. Every time I think I'm almost there, almost back to normal, some nerve or muscle reminds me that I've still got a ways to go. Understanding that, but wishing it was different is enough to detonate another F-bomb somewhere inside my head.

I'll move my lips when I drop an F-bomb but not necessarily say the word out loud. I just sort of breathe it out my lungs. If I wake up and the weather sucks, another F-bomb, about the size of a hand grenade, goes off in my head.

There are degrees of F-bombs depending on the circumstances. If I’m running late and traffic isn't cooperating, an audible F-bomb goes off inside my car. My dog even knows that when a bomb is dropped, I'm frustrated, impatient, or upset. I've even dropped the bomb on myself for my own stupidity.

I don't know how many F-bombs the average person drops in a day but I imagine it's a considerable amount. Psychology suggests that cursing is a visceral reaction to an unexpected event, situation, or screw up. Today's technology has also amped up the use of F-bombs. Want an example? Drop your cell phone into the toilet and see what the first word out of your mouth is.

No other single word expresses exasperation as well as the F-word does. Perhaps that’s why it's the most infamous word in our vocabulary. Despite our command of the language, our intellect, or assumed civility, F-bombs will always be dropped when an adult encounters a situation that requires the ultimate expression of unexpected frustration.