I didn't join the Boy Scouts. I didn't grasp the concept. I liked girls. In fact, I was with two girls at the same time I was supposed to be signing up for the cub scouts.  The three of us spent time kissing each other in the darkened basement of one of the girl's homes.

Don't get me wrong. I have no animosity toward the Boy Scouts. Scouting just wasn't for me. The camping and sleeping bag thing wasn't appealing.  Why would I have to rub two sticks together to make fire when I had access to matches and gasoline?

Speaking of which, never fill a steel barrel with half a gallon of gasoline and through a match into it. Don't ever do that. Ever.  If that’s not in the Scout manual, it should be.

The Boy Scouts organization is currently involved in a fuss over having gay Scouts or Scoutmasters as members. I don't understand the problem? What does it matter if you're gay or not when it comes to knowing how to use a compass or tying knots? What does sexual preference have to do with being a Boy Scout? Do people think gay Scouts or gay Scoutmasters will molest straight Scouts? Is that the issue? According to experts, gays are less likely to molest kids than heterosexuals.

The Boy Scout Oath includes the phrase, “morally straight." What does that mean? Morality is an acquired value, a product of the culture. Is it immoral to have sex outside of marriage for older scouts? Is it immoral to be born with a gene that makes you prefer same sex relationships? Are there such things as immoral genetics?

The Boy Scout Manual was written in 1910. Since then, our science has determined that sexual preference is coded in our DNA. You don't "choose" to be gay anymore than you "choose" to be attracted to the opposite sex. The Boy Scouts didn't know that back in 1910.

Religion is also intertwined with the Boy Scouts. Churches sponsor sixty nine percent of all scout units.  To “do your duty to God and country" is imbedded in scout lore.  The BSA also prohibits atheists and agnostics from membership because it violates the basic tenets and fundamental principles of Scouting.

The Boy Scouts of America's policies are much more restrictive than other Scouting organizations throughout the world. Soon, the BSA will decide on a national policy for membership in Scouting, hopefully one that will be more inclusive and respectful of all who wish to join.