A white guy with a gun fires off ten shots at a group of black teens who ignored his order to turn their music down. He claimed it bothered his ears. And though the police never found any weapon in the black kid’s car, and the man’s fiancé said she didn’t see a weapon, Michael Dunn testified that he saw a gun barrel poking out from inside of the car and fired off his gun at the teens because he felt threatened. One of boys died. In other testimony, Dunn said they made threatening gestures. Because of these gestures, he became concerned for his life and opened fire even though no one saw any of the teens assaulting Dunn.


All they did was play their music, music that Dunn despised as we later learned in letters he mailed out to friends and family while he was incarcerated awaiting trial. Those letters also indicted Dunn as an unrepentant bigot and racist. The case against Dunn was so twisted at times it seemed as if the dead black kid was on trial and not him.


Despite these incriminating documents and exhibits, despite the testimony of his fiancée that she never saw the teens with a weapon, despite the testimony of the police that no weapon was found inside the teen’s car besides a steering wheel, a gear shift, seats, and a radio, the jury could not agree on the charge of first degree murder against Michael Dunn.


What if a black rapper pulled up to a convenience store and told a group of white kids in the car next to him to turn down the rock music they were playing because it hurt his hearing? Instead, they gave him the finger and turned the volume up. What if the rapper perceived that gesture as a threat to his life, took out his Glock, and fired off ten rounds at those kids, killing one of them? What if the police testified the surviving white kids didn’t have a weapon? That they never assaulted the black man. That all they did was give the rapper the finger and turn up the volume on their sound system.


Do you think the rapper would have been acquitted of first degree murder by a jury of his peers? Not in this country he wouldn’t. You know and I know the jury would reach a verdict of guilty before anyone had time to go to the bathroom.


I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. There’s a pervasive perception in this country today that black people are more likely to shoot, not only each other, but other races of people as well. Then again, we never hear about the homicides, most of them in the South, where white people shoot each other in bars filled with whites.


This country hasn’t been around long enough to rid itself of the ingrained suspicion that black people will shoot other people at the first sign of confrontation, that any black kid under the age of 22 has probably got an illegal 9mm. That blacks can’t congregate and have a good time without violence erupting. What we don’t hear is the number of whites who do the same thing. Just visit Florida or Alabama sometime and pick up a paper and read all about it for yourself.