I belong to a writers group. I’ve been kicked out once for my viewpoints and comments but many members wanted me back in the group so the moderator relented. She and I are on good terms now and I’ve toned down my lampooning of others for their religious beliefs or their goofy ideas.


Writers groups cover every aspect of the trade. From creativity issues, queries to agents and publishers, writers block, editing, new ideas, the ways authors compose their material, genre fiction, and anything else you can scribble with a pen on paper or keyboard on a laptop.


Many in the group appear to be literary elites and by that I mean, they appear obsessed with what they consider to be classic literature. Shakespeare for instance. I never enjoyed Shakespeare’s plays because of the haughty language used in his phrasing and sentence structure. His vernacular is no longer in vogue today and I suppose that’s why I don’t enjoy what it is he’s trying to say. “To be or not to be?” What kind of question is that? You either are or you’re not. Doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to figure that one out.


I’m not hard wired to enjoy the classics. I think you have to have that in your DNA. I don’t. That doesn’t make me a moron. I’m just not a fan of centuries old prose.


I like mysteries and thrillers and occasionally inventive and well written science fiction. I read a science fiction book about alien elephants taking over the earth. I know it sounds absurd, but it was a great read. Right now I’m reading a great Star Wars book about Darth Maul infiltrating a prison on the outer rim of the galaxy. Maul is not allowed by his master, Darth Plagieus to use the Force while he’s undercover. Again, this is a good read. Darth Maul is a cunning villain who in this book is the protagonist.


What makes a subject fascinating is how it’s written. A superb writer can take a subject, growing fungus under your fingernails for instance, and deliver an entertaining and informative piece of work. Violence can be composed as beautiful and as graceful as a fine symphony.  The beautiful and graceful can also be written as a raw, seductive dance.


If you’re a writer, fiction or non-fiction, join The Writers Network online. There are 55,000 members from all over the world and fascinating discussions. Who knows? The next bestseller may be right at your fingertips and you don’t even realize it. Besides, its fun to contribute to the discussions, let loose with your opinions, and get feedback on your ideas and comments, even if you do occasionally get bounced out on your ass.