The NFL is investigating a recruiter who asked a prospective player if they liked girls or had a girlfriend. The reason for the question is an obvious end run around the direct question of "Are you gay"? They assume that a gay man in a locker room full of naked men or showering with them might make for an uncomfortable situation.

Why? Is it because men assume that if someone’s gay they'll ogle or approach them in the locker room or the showers?

If you're a heterosexual, it's easy to imagine yourself taking showers with women and getting turned on. Therefore, you figure that a gay man would be similarly turned on by showering with men.

First off, the player, gay or straight, is focused on the game and his career. He could care less about what his teammates look like when they have no clothes on. He's there because he's good at what he does, not because he's looking to hook up with somebody.

Heterosexuals can stop this whole "Are you gay" nonsense by understanding that homosexuals are attracted to others of the same sex in the same way heterosexuals are attracted to members of the opposite sex. Gay people don't hit on straight people hoping for a relationship. They're not interested in you if you're not interested in them.

If you're attracted to the opposite sex, there’s no way I can convince you to change. No matter what I say or do you can't alter your sexual preference. Homosexuals can't change theirs either.

We need to grow up and stop this ongoing cultural obsession with sex. Who's having it and how are they doing it?   Whether it's at work or play or in the shower room, what does sexual preference have to do with our ability to get the job done?

Why does it matter whether or not a gay man plays professional football or ping pong? That’s his job, that’s what he's good at. That’s how he makes a living. He's not looking for a relationship with another man.