Advertisements for prescription drugs suggest I should ask my doctor if a particular drug is, "right for me". I'm also encouraged to tell my doctor about any medical problems I might have that could be adversely affected by taking this drug.

Why should I have to tell my doctor about any medical conditions I have? Isn't my doctor already aware of my medical condition? In fact, he knows more about my medical condition than I do. He's got the results of my blood tests, my urine samples, and my electrocardiograms. He knows what makes me tick.

Some of these drug commercials take 15 seconds to tell you what the name of the drug is and then spend 45 seconds warning you to tell your doctor if you develop crossed eyes, elephantiasis, excessive bleeding, anxiety, depression, lower back pain, upper respiratory problems, ear disorders, inability to smell anything, peeling of the skin, loss of ability to swallow, weight gain, weight loss, hallucinations, unable to urinate, body odor. Swollen lips, fungus tongue, the jitters, or foot rot. This drug is not to be used for kennel cough, worm infestation, or salad dressing, and should not be used as a substitute for laxatives. Report any sudden urges you have to yell at people, run red lights, eat dirt, or drink gasoline. Be aware that this drug is not to be used around children, older adults, spotted owls, or pygmy’s. Check with your doctor if you experience any symptoms of measles, whooping cough, retinitis pigmentosa, genital herpes, gonorrhea, avian influenza, leprosy, or cancer.

The commercial ends with a middle aged man and woman, walking through a field on a sunny day, The name of the drug comes up in the lower right hand corner of your screen while a man's voice reminds you to get back on track, stop the itching, and ask your doctor about it the next time you stop in to have your prostate examined. Then the voice tells me to take back my life, improve my golf swing, and rid myself of unnecessary obligations and credit card debt.

It would be helpful to let me know what the drug is for since they never say anything about it in the commercial. They just tell me what I need to know so I can ask my doctor if that drug is "right for me."