More adults admit to texting while driving than people 13-20 years old.

I've texted while driving and found it to be both clumsy and frustrating. Looking down at cell your phone then back out the front window is frankly a pain in the ass.

I understand why texting while driving is dangerous. I never text when traffic is hectic. I can't keep looking up and down and grab the rhythm of the traffic flow because my mind is attempting to do two things at once. Research shows that the human mind can't manage two thoughts at the same time.

Right now, states are ramping up laws against using a cell phone while driving, whether talking or texting. And while it may be dangerous or distracting, there will come a day when texting while driving will be as easy to do as starting the car.


Because we'll eventually know where every key is on the phone. . We'll nimbly move our thumbs across the screen as we drive just as someone using a keyboard does. We'll never have to glance down at the cell. In fact, a friend of mine in Amsterdam can do it. I asked him how. He looked at me incredulously. He scolded me for being an idiot.

"I know the keys and where to touch them on the screen. I text so much I do it without looking.

When cars were first rolled out on the market, they didn't have steering wheels. They had levers because how else would the car be steered? So drivers moved levers. When steering wheels first appeared, people had to learn how to use them to turn left and right. It took days of practice before most drivers got used to the steering wheel.

The same thing will happen with cell phones. We'll get used to texting without looking at the screen. Or, someone will come up with high tech software that will both read the text to us and allow us to reply by voice command which the software will then translate into text and send out.

Until then, we'll adapt to driving while texting the more we get used to it. That’s what humans do despite the law. It's in our nature to keep doing something we like to do until we master it.

Or at least until that software is installed.