If I were on the Jodi Arias jury, I couldn't give her the death penalty. I don't see how someone who brutally murdered another would pay for their actions by having a group of people decide to murder her? That's what the death penalty is. It's a decision by a jury to take the life of Jodi Arias as a way to punish her for her horrific crime.

How does the death penalty balance the scales of justice by taking the life of the person responsible for the killing? That makes no sense. Killing someone because they killed someone else is an ancient “eye for an eye" solution. If you murder someone, you're murdered as well. That means that the members of the Arias jury will be responsible for murdering her if they vote to have her put to death. And while many may cheer the jury if they decide on the death penalty, the members of that jury will be haunted for the rest of their lives because they signed off on an execution. Could you do that? Could you proudly admit to issuing a death sentence? How does that let you off the hook for your decision to vote to kill a living being?

The death penalty has never made any sense to me. As far as I'm concerned it's a barbaric act of state sponsored revenge which in the long run does nothing to alleviate the grief of those whose loved one was taken from them. How does killing the perpetrator bring closure to the victims’ relatives and survivors?? Anyone with a conscience certainly understands that after time, the decision to put someone to death can be debilitating to one's mental health, maybe not now, but in the future. If I were a defense attorney I'd tell the jury I'm not pleading for you to save the life Jodi Arias. As much as I’m pleading for you to save your own.

The Bible, which is the best selling, most stolen book in the world, definitively states" thou shall not kill". There is no exemption in the Ten Commandments for making the decision to put to death someone who murdered another human being. How can Christian members of a jury, in good conscience, act to put someone to death?

I'm not a Christian. Regardless of the Bible's commandment, I could never murder anyone or give a murderer the death penalty. I don't see how executing the murderer brings peace and satisfaction to the family of the victim? While it may seem to many to be a just punishment, it's still murder. A living person is put to death instead of being incarcerated for the rest of their days.

One murder never justifies another. You can call it an execution, you can assert that the murderer deserves the death penalty which, frankly, is not only pre-meditated but in itself is murder. Calling it an execution to make the jury feel better about their decision doesn't alter the fact that a living human being is put to death. Lawful or unlawful, it's murder. It's as simple as that.