I don’t watch the network news. I may walk by the TV and “see” the screen but I don’t watch it. Any of it. I get my news the new fashioned way. The way 95 million millennials do.




The reason I don’t watch the evening news is because it’s horrifically depressing. Not because the news itself is depressive….which it can be…but because news anchors have taken on a new sense of drama and gloom and doom which is not healthy for the mind or society. The only seemingly bright stories trend toward the maudlin. Stories about a three year old dying of some fatal disease who’s wish is to run down the streets and save people just like Batman does. So the Make a Wish people and friends and relatives do what they can to make it happen. I’m glad it makes the kid happy…if only for fifteen minutes before the anchor reminds us once again how many chemotherapy treatments the child will endure even if it only prolongs his life for a month.


Brian Williams is the worst. He’s gone from a fairly chatty, happy guy, to the Grim Reaper of why every story on his desk holds the fate of man’s mortality in it’s deadly grasp. It’s not just severe weather…it’s a threat posed to us all. It’s people crying, displaced from their homes and businesses for God knows how many times before because they live in the paths of tornado’s or areas of the country where severe weather is part of the fabric of the landscape. He doesn’t comment so much on it as he warns us of the imminent end of life as we know it. “Things have just gotten worse”, is one of his standby phrases. He implies the situation in Ukraine can escalate into a dark journey toward the ultimate apocalypse of what?  He never says but we know what he means because he’s so serious.


When I get the news online I read it without all the hobgoblins hanging around every word. The AP gives me the facts of the story and if there is an imminent threat to all of us, it’s written in such a way as to not sensationalize so much as encourage us to do what we can as individuals to participate in the solution. The evening blues has no solutions. Just statements to the effect that we better worry more than we do already about our lives and our loved ones and that they’ll be back tomorrow night to inject us with more depression and dread and if you think today was bad, just wait till tomorrow. They’ll be there.


I won’t.