Unfortunately, and the United Nations knows this, peace will never come to the part of the world we know as the Middle East. There’s too much history there. Thousands of years of history. For some reason, these arid lands have been the ground zero of historic conflict dating back into the past, way before the occupation by Roman troops or Persian conquerors. Various armed forces have battled for these lands, not because of oil…they didn’t even know oil was good for anything back then even though pools of it were visible on the surface of the desert, but because of ego and religion. For some reason, occupying these lands meant that conquerors could make slaves out of those people they considered inferior to them. They could expand their caliphate kingdoms, dictate policy and law to the people they ruled.


Today, Palestinians live on beans and mattress money. Before this mess, and other previous messes, Palestinians relied on employment in Israeli but as an impoverished group barely above the threshold of second class citizenry. Palestine has schools. The United Nations has personnel there teaching in the schools. They have rudimentary hospitals and medical facilities staffed both by both Palestinian doctors and physicians from other nations.


This latest fiasco began when three kids were kidnapped, supposedly by Hamas, and murdered. Israel put it’s foot down, charging Hamas with the crime. Hamas got pissed. Israel got even more pissed. Three dead Israeli kids was enough for Israel to take military action against the belligerent response of Hamas. In turn, Hamas fired rockets into Israel and you know how the rest of the show goes from there. For years, Hamas has spend millions of Arab donated money on tunnels connecting Gaza with Israel. This allows Hamas militants to cross over into Israel with popguns, take a few shots at soldiers and civilians, and run back through the tunnels. Israeli is always at Def Com One but it might be their own fault. Their occupation of Palestinian lands amounts to a sort of apartheid, a sticking point and a recruiting tool for Palestinian militants. When the poor and displaced have no other alternative, the streets run with blood.


This situation will never be resolved unless an asteroid the size of the city of Cleveland smashes into that part of the the world. The only diplomacy that’ll work after thousands of years of warring between these people won’t be settled by stuffed shirts but by the intervention of something from outside the earth’s atmosphere. A giant rock or meteorite with no horse in this race. Just a random whack into the Middle East from one of the children of the Big Bang, the thing that set off this conflict in the first place.