U.S. jets have bombed Iraqi insurgents. The group ISIS has been ravaging huge parts of Iraq in an attempt to turn it into an Islamic caliphate.


A billion years ago I warned about an Iraq incursion after George W. Bush announced plans to invade Iraq after the terror attacks of 911. We should have gone after Saudi Arabia but since the Bush family was in bed with the Saudis, we aimed our vengeful aggression against a country that had nothing to do with the 911 attacks.


Iraqi citizens have been condemned to live in hell ever since the U.S. invaded the country, unseating its nasty dictator Saddam Hussein who pretty much kept the lid on all the aggressive factions in Iraq who wanted to tear each other’s throats apart. Once we ruined the infrastructure of the country and saw Saddam swinging from the gallows pole, the Grim Reaper rose from the ashes and since then, there’s been car bombings and other improvised devices taking the lives of innocent Iraqi citizens every day. Every single day. We broke Iraq for no other reason than to settle the score between the Bush family and Saddam…urged on by our Saudi allies who were the ones responsible for the attacks on 911 and who feared Saddam as a threat to extreme religious Saudi Wahhabism. After all, fifteen of the nineteen 911 hijackers were Saudis.


Now we’re trying to put a stop to ISIS and its brutal agenda. ISIS has been called “Al Qaeda on steroids”. Even Iran has kinda sorta become an ally of ours against ISIS, offering military assistance in the form of troops, air support, and a gourmet menu of other anti-ISIS military desserts.


George W. Bush spent two trillion taxpayer dollars bulldozing Iraq. Our troops came back in pieces, torn apart by vicious improvised explosive devices. Iraq never had weapons of mass destruction but they did have oil and it was also a very convenient way for American military contractors, backed by then Vice President Cheney to abscond with billions of dollars in cash we sent to Iraq in nothing more than manila envelopes.


Now our jets are targeting strategic ISIS encampments. After the dust settles we may see our war weary troops go in once again to be chewed up in the maw of Iraq, all because of an American president who had to have both his cake and eat it too. This is Bush’s fault. He and Cheney need to be charged with war crimes and if not that, let them start paying back the money they stole from the American taxpayers. Unfortunately the second worst president in my lifetime is now swiveling in the chair in the situation room, ordering the new airstrikes. Obama knows when we broke Iraq we owned it. And now, here we go again.