Brown And White


I don't get the whole protest thing going down in Ferguson Missouri. What's the purpose? What, besides immediately placing the police officer who shot Michael Brown under arrest, do the protesters want?


Some of the statements by several of the protesters seem to suggest that if the officer who shot Michael Brown isn't convicted of murder by this weekend, they'll continue to tear Ferguson Missouri apart as if it were a box of Kleenex.


There seems to be no patience for due process.  A black kid is dead, shot by a white cop. Nearly all of the protesters admit they didn't see it happen, but they're pissed off because they figure the cop shot Michael Brown because he was black. What if a black police officer had shot Brown? What if Brown was white and a black police officer shot him? Would there be protests?  Would people from around the country travel to Ferguson to protest as they're doing now?


And just what is it they're protesting? Why not wait until all the evidence is gathered and the investigation of Brown's death concluded? If the officer is indicted, let him have his day in court. The protesters seem unwilling to let the criminal justice system and internal affairs do their respective jobs. Instead, they seem more hell bent on vigilante justice.


The population of Ferguson Missouri is 60 percent black. While it's true there are few black police officers on the police force of a mostly black community, who's responsibility is it to put more black officers on the streets? How many black men and women have sought jobs on the force and were rejected? Is there a legacy in Ferguson that suggests discrimination in hiring and if so, why don't the majority of people in Ferguson, black people, do something about it?


Nobody heard of Ferguson Missouri until this incident sparked national attention. The bare bones of this issue are the protesters seem to be protesting against white police shooting black citizens. Michael Brown may have been unarmed, but that doesn't mean he didn't attack a cop. The cop who shot him may be an avowed racist. None of us knows the answers and none of us will know the answers unless we're willing to let the system do its job. There's suspicion among the protesters that the system won't work but street justice will. Arrest and convict the cop now and all this will go away and the streets of Ferguson will be safe. Unfortunately, none of the rest of us will.