You probably don't know this because they don't mention it in schools or at the college level and most media woo-hoo's won't discuss it for fear they'd be packed in dry ice and shipped off to an Icelandic psych ward, but in 1988 the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Feebs as author John SandFord refers to them as, uncovered a plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to replace the Constitution of the United States with Sharia law.

Wow. Imagine that! Right now, Muslim attorneys, supported by filthy Middle Eastern oil money and profits from the International Goat Herders Cartel are drawing up documents that will argue that Sharia law is a far better way to run the government of the United States than the Constitution, which, they remind, THEY REMIND, was authored by a bunch of old queens in wigs and high heeled shoes who had no idea what law is really all about.

Look at the Old Testament, they say. Look at your own scripture. Where does it say God grants you a trial by a jury of your peers? Where does it say if you steal a loaf of bread, instead of getting your fingers chopped off, God will let give you a hall pass with a small fine and call it a day with no misdemeanors on your rap sheet? Where does it say if you take the name of the Lord in vain, instead of being beheaded, God will forgive you after saying fifteen hail Mary's and putting in a couple of hours of community service?

Shari law, Muslim preachers and attorneys claim, will rid the streets of abominations, gangbangers, armored car robberies, and most of all, financial shenanigans by Wall Street infidels. Women, notoriously bad drivers, will have to ride in the trunk of the car and let their husbands or boyfriends drive them around. If they don't have the pleasure of having a man in their lives, these same women will have to cover their heads in woolen ski masks and make due riding burros. up burro poop clogging the highways and byways of America will be a good way for sinners to pay off their debt to society.

Right wing websites I've been invited to participate with send me these emails every day. We're now at the beginning of the Third Worldwide Jihad. Our elected officials will feel the wrath of Allah sweep through both houses of Congress. They'll be forced to wrap table scraps in the Constitution and throw it in the nearest Washington D.C. dumpster. Sharia law will have us all bowing to Mecca five times a day instead of wasting our lives on thoughts of fornication and other pleasures of the flesh. So pay heed, lest you be dragged into the middle of the field at Gillette stadium and be stoned to death by the defensive lineup of the New England Patriots. Sharia law is making its way into the hearts and minds of America and there's nothing any of us, except JESUS, can do about it!