People who hear voices in their heads are advised to seek psychiatric counseling. The guy who shot 12 people to death at a Navy yard in Washington D.C. heard voices in his head. He reported these phenomena to any number of places that may have helped him, but apparently nothing came of it. He wasn't locked up in a psychiatric ward or held for counseling.

People who hear the voice of God in their heads, whatever that voice sounds like, are given a free pass by the rest of us because it's God, not some malevolent entity. Yet the voice of God can be just as malevolent as any other voice a person hears in his head. The Bible is loaded with retribution by God against people who've disobeyed his commandments even though they were granted free will to do so. How can God condone free will and then punish those who use it? If you have free will to reject belief in God then according to scripture you're out of the ballgame. When Judgment Day comes you'll be thrown into the fires off Hell and denied a free pass through the heavenly gates of Heaven, which sounds like the most boring dimension in the known universe, where for all eternity you'll be worshiping this egotistical tyrant who apparently can't go for more than a minute than demanding someone worship and acknowledge his greatness. Do you want to spend eternity bowing before this guy and walking around all day quoting scripture?

How many people hear the voices of Satan in their head and if they say they do, should we incarcerate them because as the Bible instructs, Satan is a bad guy even though he used to be a good guy? And how do we know we'll burn in the fires of hell if we do Satan's bidding? Why would the entity Satan punish you for following his ways instead of those of God? Burning your ass in the fires of Hell sounds like inflammatory PR from God. If you follow Satan, or pay attention to what Satan commands why in the Hell would he punish you? Does Satan lease Hell from God and is therefore an obedient tenant?

Whether it's the voice of your mother in your head or Al Capone or Jesus, something is going on upstairs in your attic that may want you to seek some counseling, maybe even some shock treatments? Besides, how do you know it's the voice of God in your head giving you driving instructions instead of something more cunning, more malevolent. You don't. I don't know what God's voice sounds like and neither do you. The Old Man hasn't visited us since Moses dropped those stone tablets down the mountain with the Ten Commandments engraved on them. Those tablets must have weighed 500 pounds or more a piece. How did Moses cart them down from the mountain? Super powers maybe? The same ones he used to impossibly part the Red Sea?

If you hear voices in your head, seek out a shrink and get some meds or let him or her put you in the hospital. Don't have the gaul to tell the rest of us that it's okay. It's not. Whether it's God or Yogi Berra, you're nuts. Accept it and get help.