I know who many of you listening to this show work in the education system and listen daily. I'm sincerely grateful for that and I appreciate your loyalty. I will continue to deliver to you the best content I can and those odd and unusual thoughts I have in order to spark your imagination and enhance your knowledge of this often time’s weird, peculiar, and evolving world we live in.

When I was in my early 20's I spent 6 months locked inside a psych ward. I was never "cured" because I believed there was never anything wrong with me that needed to be cured. As the psychiatrist R.D. Laing said, "Insanity is a perfectly rational response to an insane world."  I gleaned insights from my experience unlike many others who were forever psychologically traumatized.

We have a problem with certain policies in our public school systems that need to be addressed immediately so historians one hundred years from won't determine that we were all out of our minds.

The genesis of our strictly enforced zero tolerance initiatives, toxic to both our reason and common sense, began in the Reagan administration. Today, zero tolerance has oiled its poison into every crevice of our lives. It is a sick and repugnant assault on our mental health and the well being of all our citizens.

This institutionalized dementia , that a cheap, tin replica of a small Derringer pistol, attached to keychain with no moving parts and no bigger than the size of a quarter, stuffed into a student’s backpack, resulted in his being suspended from school is madness.

All the official paperwork, all the clauses, and all the unnecessary anal retentive regulations used to enforce zero tolerance to punish innocent students, points to a much broader and very dangerous epidemic of rampant psychotic fascism among those whose job it is to administer dispassionate curriculum to our constantly persecuted children.

This prevailing, irrational lunacy is reminiscent of the Salem witch trials in which demented criminals, unchallenged by rational, intelligent, colonial commoners, dictated who would live and who would die based on nothing more than a determined, maniacal orthodoxy that was as infamous then as our malignant, pedantic hysteria is now.