Doug Palmieri

C'Mon! This is F*%#ing Rock & Roll.

I love kitties.

Sweet gymnastics move

Old Man Dancing! YAY!!

Rihanna Gives Nerdy Guy A Lapdance

Doug Palmieri

Grew up in Lincoln & Providence, RI.

Spent my childhood years romping in the crystal clear waters of the Blackstone River Canal in Quinnville...then my teen years smoking cigarettes purchased with lunch money at the Downtown Providence Arcade instead of going to Algebra class.

Started in Radio at the old WRX as a van driver then came to HJY as an intern in the early 90's. Spent from 1999-2006 Rockin' Southern New England from 7 to midnights at the home of rock and roll. From there it was 4 years in Boston Radio then back to the area for a couple of years and now back home at 94HJY.

Love the Led Zeppelin and Van Halen.

Best Movies ever (Not counting the Godfather) were Smokey and the Bandit and Hooper. Love Burt Reynolds!!!!

Am firmly in the Jennifer Aniston camp on the whole Brangelina issue.


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