I'm not sure about you but since Netflix came out I've been a Binge Viewer of many things...I'll be honest, it started with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (Sarah Michelle Gellar has lovely breasts) and segued straight into “Angel”, the spin off series. Yes...at times I have the viewing tastes of a 14 year old girl...what can you do. This lead to a "Prison Break" 2 seasons in three days event, "24", BBC's "Luther" one of the best shows ever! Many BBC shows are awesome to binge on.

The Binge viewing phenomenon is here to stray...top streaming sites show that tons of folks are watching full seasons of shows in just one or two days. 22 episode seasons, 44 minute long shows...it's awesome. There are dangers...one of which is the potential to refer to a significant other as "Buffy", that's bad. I also once told my wife a story about a situation a couple of friends of mine found themselves in only to realize that I was actually talking about Doug and Carrie from "The King of Queens".

The worst can be the dreams...it's like your brain starts to fuse with the land of the shows you're watching for hour after hour under a blanket on a couch with grease building up in your hair and a sheen of sweat all over your graying skin. The scariest for me were the Game of Thrones dreams, jerking awake as a broad sword is about to split your head is shocking. It's never a three way with Buffy and Willow it's always something terrible so beware the dreams. Otherwise have at
it! a new way to suck in info via the internet and it's a bit less addictive than porn.