Another Huge Eff Up In My Life

Steelers' HUGE Onside Kick FAIL!

Bill Belichick Halloween


I, Kevin (formerly known as Kevin the Stuntboy), from 94 HJY's Paul and Al Show, have been asked to write a bio for my webpage. But quite frankly, I am not going to do that for you, the HJY listener, because you clearly don't care about me. You never write, you never call, you never "like" my Facebook posts, you never ask me out to dinner, a movie - nothing! So, what, all of a sudden you want to get to know me? No, screw you! Likewise, I don't give a crap about you or your pathetic life. So let's just agree to go our separate ways as total strangers. I wish things could have been different, but you're the one who initially decided to neglect me and my needs emotionally, physically, and otherwise. So, have a nice life, a-hole.


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