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Paul and Al


Why didn't they let them play this on Super Bowl Sunday... LOL

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Peyton Manning Kisses Papa John After Super Bowl 50 Win

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LIVE Metallica!

Metallica is playing a LIVE stream concert the night before the Super Bowl...tune in below to watch!  
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Dave Grohl Talks About Kurt Cobain's Surprising Sense Of Humor

(COURTESY OF YOUTUBE) See the video HERE .  WARNING - Obscenity.
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This prostitute can put this on her resume: I'm SO good, I killed a dude during sex!!

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Vagina Weightlifting Can Empower Women

(COURTESY OF YOUTUBE) We've never felt so weak....and aroused at the same time!
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18 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist

(COURTESY OF YOUTUBE) Yes, this is an A-plus Freak Show!  But the announcer makes it even better!
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Gronk Gives Fox Reporter Way Too Aggressive Lap Dance

(COURTESY OF FOX SPORTS/YOUTUBE) This video looks like sexual assault but the reporter ASKED FOR IT!!! Yikes!!!
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Paul and Al Support URI's/Gloria Gemma Pink Out Night

Paul and Al and HJY support the URI Pink Out game on February 9th at 7pm vs George Mason to benefit The Gloria Gemma Foundation. Throughout the game survivors and family members of the lost...
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Interesting story about the real man behind The Most Interesting Man In The World

Is the man behind The Most Interesting Man In The World interesting?  Read the article HERE .
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