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Worst Contestant In "Family Feud" History?

WTF?  See the maddening "Family Feud" answers HERE .  WARNING - Obscenities. (COURTESY OF "THE FAMILY FEUD"/YOUTUBE)
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A Letter To Boston...

Milan Lucic returns to Boston tonight for the first time as a member of a team that ISN'T the B's. Lucic wrote an amazing tribute letter to Boston yesterday - read it here .  ...
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Stump the DJ Highlights 2-4-16

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Why didn't they let them play this on Super Bowl Sunday

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Peyton Manning Kisses Papa John After Super Bowl 50 Win

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LIVE Metallica!

Metallica is playing a LIVE stream concert the night before the Super Bowl...tune in below to watch!  
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Dave Grohl Talks About Kurt Cobain's Surprising Sense Of Humor

(COURTESY OF YOUTUBE) See the video HERE .  WARNING - Obscenity.
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This prostitute can put this on her resume: I'm SO good, I killed a dude during sex!!

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Vagina Weightlifting Can Empower Women

(COURTESY OF YOUTUBE) We've never felt so weak....and aroused at the same time!
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18 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist

(COURTESY OF YOUTUBE) Yes, this is an A-plus Freak Show!  But the announcer makes it even better!
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