3rd Annual Mission Impastable

Waterfire Arts Center

Food rescue mission, We Share Hope has issued companies and community groups a challenge to bag 20,000 pounds of pasta and raise $100,000 to help Rhode Islanders facing food insecurity during their 3rd Annual Mission Impastable competition.

The clock will start at 9:30am on Thursday September 28th when forty teams of six will gather at the Waterfire Arts Center to see which team can scoop 500lbs of pasta into 1lb bags the fastest. The winning team will receive an exclusive Waterfire experience which will include access to food and drink in the Waterfire Brazier Society Tent, as well as a ride in a Waterfire boat through the installation. In addition, the winning team will receive a custom pasta trophy made by a local youth arts group, and of course – prestige.

Also serving as the main fundraising event for the organization, funds raised will support We Share Hope’s “Feed the Future” School food pantry project which currently supports school food pantries in eight high-need schools throughout the state. Teams pay an entry fee of $1,000, and larger event sponsorships are available. Teams have until August 15th to register for the competition.

Not just an opportunity for some fun and friendly rivalry, Mission Impastable will allow the organization to get 20,000 pounds of pasta packaged and distributed out to communities in need as quickly as possible. Inexpensive, filling, and versatile, pasta is often considered a staple item for individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.

More information about the event can be found at wesharehope.org/missionimpastable