Man Gets Penis Stuck in Wrench for 17 Hours, Dentists Delicately Drill It O

A Zhejiang man arrived at a hospital late one night last week with his swollen penis stuck inside a wrench, leaving both doctors and firefighters at a loss for what to do. Fortunately, dentists knew just the thing to free his manhood.

The 37-year-old man was brought into the hospital in Linhai on June 2nd with his penis turning purple after being trapped inside the wrench for over 15 hours, China Youth Network reports. Immediately, the hospital convened an emergency meeting among specialists to figure out a suitable plan of action.

Doctors decided that in order to release the wrench from the man's penis, they would have to cut off blood flow to his genitals through surgery. In order to carry out the operation, doctors needed the permission of the man's family. They made multiple calls to the man's parents, who said that they would come in to sign over their consent, but never showed.

So doctors went on to plan B and reached out to the local firefighting squad, who are typically so adept at dealing with this sort of thing. However, after closely inspecting the situation, the firefighters were also at a loss as to how to remove the wrench without seriously injuring the man. Luckily, it was at this point that one doctor suggested that they call in some dentists, explaining that earlier that afternoon she had listened to a lecture regarding a similar case. Two dentists soon showed up and went to work with a dental drill that spins extremely fast, but uses water to keep itself cool, preventing the man's genitals from getting burned.

Reports fail to state how exactly the wrench got on there in the first place, though it is mentioned that the man is a bachelor.


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