Naked Model Arrested After Getting into a Fight with the Cops


Brissa Dominguez is very comfortable in her skin. Enough in fact that she had no problem getting arrested while naked. The 25-year-old Instagram model was “causing a disturbance” at the Edge Hotel in Clearwater, Florida when hotel management asked her to leave. She ignored them, so hotel staff called the cops. Responding Officer Richard Edmonds gave Dominguez a towel to cover herself...which she used to strike him with. As Edmonds and other cops tried to arrest Dominguez for trespassing, she kicked three patrolmen and “attempted to bite and spit on” one officer. Oh, and all of this happened at about 4:30 am. All in all, Dominguez is now facing trespassing, resisting an officer with violence, and battery on a law enforcement officer charges. Source: The Smoking Gun 


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