The Best Responses To Kid Rock Senate Rumors

Now that we’re in the age of celebrity presidents, anything’s possible. However, it’s something that’s been around for quite a while in the echelons of the political spectrum. Just asked the likes of Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Al Franken, Governor Jessie Ventura, and that guy from “The Love Boat.”

The latest rumored entry into the Senate arena is none other than the “American Badass” himself…Kid Rock. He’s even got the website set up and ready to go with slogans like “Welcome To The Party” and “Pimp Of The Nation.” One place that’s particularly entertained with the idea of Senator Rock is, of course, the Internet. Here are some of the reactions:

 - If Kid Rock loses the primaries, will he run as Alternative Rock

 - Fun fact: If elected, Kid Rock would be the first U.S. senator to appear in a sex tape with the lead singer of Creed

 - "I like that Kid Rock isn’t afraid to bawitdaba,” said Tom Frank, 48, a steelworker. “Other politicians, they don’t da-bang da-bang diggy."

 - The Kid Rock / Chelsea Clinton debate is gonna be epic.

 - wait wait... Kid Rock used to sell drugs and beat someone at a Waffle House, doesn't that qualify him to at least be in Congress?

 - MEDIA: Lesson - don't give loads of free coverage to moron celebs running for office

 - KID ROCK: I'm running for office MEDIA: OMG LOL WHEEE

Who knows how serious he is, but give the guy some credit – he knows how to keep himself relevant.

Source: BroBible

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