Calling All Gingers: Sperm Banks Need You

If you’re a strapped-for-cash redhead, there’s a special moneymaking opportunity out there just for you. It only requires you do what you already do for free! Be a redhead!

With the popularity of gingers throughout this great land of ours, the demand for redheaded baby batter has gone up. So much, that sperm banks can’t seem to keep up with the demand. So, the bat-signal has gone up. Co-Parent Match has put up a Facebook post calling on all redheads to lend a hand…so to speak.

Only about 2% of sperm donors are redheads. The desire to have babies that look like Ed Sheeran, Conor McGregor, and Carrot Top is massive. So, do a good thing…toss one off for the greater good.

Source: Co-Parent Match

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