“Creed 2” Will Feature “Drago”

It looks like the past might be creeping up if you believe the Instagram posts from Sylvester Stallone. The sequel to “Creed” is currently in development, and it’s cleverly titled “Creed 2.” One post shows a pic of Adonis Creed face-to-face with Ivan Drago and Rocky Balboa in the background. Another pic shows a notebook of script ideas where the word “Drago” can be seen.

Will Adonis get revenge for the death of his father? Will Rocky and Ivan rematch in a game of gin rummy? Will Drago have a drugged-up son who takes on Adonis? Only time will tell, but you’ve got to admit that the Rocky-geek in you just perked up a bit at the concept.

Source: Official Sly Stallone


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