Favorite Fast Food Fries Ranked

Everyone has their own favorite fast food place. And when it comes to french fries, they’re all a little different. Which ones you like best depends on if you prefer curly fries, shoestring, or crinkle cut, seasoned or not. So here’s a ranking of the top 10 fast food fries out there, according to Popsugar.

#10 - Shake Shack - They serve crinkle fries here, so if you’re a fan of that style, you’ll probably disagree with these being in 10th place. But this reviewer says “like In-N-Out, Shake Shack has awesome burgers, but the fries are subpar.”

#9 - Sonic - These are “a completely standard boring fry” and apparently we should all be ordering the tater tots at Sonic instead.

#8 - Burger King - There’s nothing special about these fries, they’re not bad, just boring.

#7 - Rally’s/Checkers - This is the same place that goes by different names depending on where you live, but it’s that fast food spot that has two-drive thrus. And their fries are seasoned, so they stand out compared to lots of other fast food fries.

#6 - Jack In The Box - If you’re a fan of seasoned curly fries, this is your place. But the reviewer did have an issue with the super long curls not always cooking completely. And nobody likes an undercooked fry!

#5 - In-N-Out - These fries are made from fresh potatoes right in front of you, so that earns them a spot in the middle of the list.

#4 - Steak ‘n Shake - Their little tiny shoestring fries cook consistently so they’re always good.

#3 - Five Guys - When you want a lot of fries in your order, this place doesn’t disappoint. An order is an overflowing cup, perfectly seasoned and cooked. And they’re made fresh from real potatoes, too.

#2 - Wendy’s - These fries have the skins on, so they feel homemade and the sea salt they add makes them top-notch.

#1 - McDonald’s - Like many people, this reviewer feels fries from Micky D’s are better than any others. They’re perfectly salted, an ideal size, and crispy outside and soft inside.


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