Woman Drove For Three Miles With Her Fiancé The Hood Of Her Car After Catch

Shelly Bertram was jailed after driving with her partner on the car hood when she caught him smoking indoors

Drunk Shelly Bertram reached speeds of up to 70 mph, swerving and braking hard to try and shake partner Clive Gibbs off the car, a court heard.

The builder suffered cuts and bruises to his head, legs and arms as he tried to stop his future wife from drink-driving in the car he bought her.

Portsmouth Crown Court, Hampshire, heard businesswoman Bertram flew into a rage just two weeks before her wedding when she spotted Mr. Gibbs smoking indoors after they got home from a night out.

Bertram stormed out of their home in Waterlooville, Hampshire, getting into the new Range Rover that Mr. Gibbs had bought for her.

He jumped on the hood of the car to stop her because she had been drinking But the court heard she ‘floored it’ onto the A3 as Mr. Gibbs screamed at her to stop as his legs dragged along the road.

He eventually jumped off the front of the car three and half miles down the road near Horndean.

Bertram fled to her friend’s house, then to another man’s house, where she was arrested.

Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4784434/Drunk-bride-drives-car-partner

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