Remember Last Year’s Rash Of Clown Sightings? Well…

It was about this time last year when the good times started. First, it was in the northeastern part of the country, but then it expanded. Eventually, there was a new story somewhere about some evil, creepy clown walking around a neighborhood scaring the crap out of people – just about every freakin’ day.

Sometimes the stories were true, and other times the police were on wild-goose-chase looking for some idiot that had supposedly taken his big-ass shoes and ran his happy butt into the forest. Now, the Pennsylvania State Police have issued an official bulletin, and it looks like it’s going to start all over again.

Of course, it’s not at all a coincidence that Stephen King’s“It” hits movie screens this weekend. In addition to Pennsylvania, police departments in New Jersey were hit particularly hard with this colossal waste of time. Look for this epidemic of stupidity to expand even further this time around because…well…it gets attention. Let the clowning around commence!

Source: Pennsylvania State Police

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