How Iron Maiden Helped A Guy Lose Over 100 Pounds With No Gym

George Sinclair lost over 120 pounds, and he never once hit the gym. Instead, he used an app called My Fitness Pal to track his calories and food intake, while focusing on lean proteins. As far as exercise, he started off by walking and then eventually joined a running club. That cardio’s something he found invigorating rather than burdensome. He also found a little help from Iron Maiden. He put together a nice little 30-minute mix that helped him pace things out:

Run To The Hills – the drum intro is a nice pace-starter

The Trooper – a faster track to pick up the pace

Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner – in the heat of the moment now

The Prisoner – good for slow/fast interval training with tempo changes

When The Wild Wind Blows – good for a nice 11-minute cool down

Hey…you take inspiration where you can get it. 

Source: Men’s Health

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