Join Jim Shorts on Saturday at the T-Mobile!

Everyone has their own shows, and they want to watch them on their own time and on their own devices.

That's why T-Mobile is giving you four unlimited lines for just $35 per line after bill credits and with AutoPay. And with a Netflix subscription included, Mom and Dad can stream their shows on the tablet. And the kids… well, they'll watch whatever is new right on their phones.

So skip the theatre and dial the binge-watching up to eleven, with Netflix On Us.

Only from T-Mobile.

That’s right! Fuller House, The Crown, Ozarks, and all of Netflix at no extra charge. Binge all of your favorite shows and movies this year on your phones, tablet, or TV.

Remember, bring your family of four to T-Mobile and get $35 bucks a line with taxes and fees included! Even though the lines are unlimited, this deal isn’t.

Don’t wait – Join Jim Shorts on Saturday 2/24 from 3p-5p at the T-Mobile located at 1800 Mendon Road in Cumberland to make the switch!

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