Sound Check

Local Music Fans,

It has been brought to our attention over the past month or two that we are unable to play music that is not licensed. Legally, any entity who streams music must only stream licensed music. The law was put in place to ensure musicians and artists are compensated for their work.

We have tried reaching out to a number of the bands whose music we play in order get them to license their music. Unfortunately, we were unable to get enough licensed music submitted to run “Sound Check” at this time.

All the music we play must be converted to .wav file and played through our audio server and must be encoded as licensed appropriately per federal law.

I’m not sure when or if “Sound Check” will make a return. We are discussing options at this time.

Thanks for your interest. If you have questions, please email and if you have licensed music and would like to submit it to the show please send it  

Here are links to help get music licensed…

Artists will then be able to make their music available on Spotify, Pandora, ITunes and, of course, iHeartRadio. If you’re in a band or know someone who is, please pass the info along.



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