Man Charged With Making Fraudulent Returns Worth Over $1 Million At Walmart

Thomas Frudaker,

Police in Arizona were called to a Walmart in Yuma after a man attempted to return a computer with missing parts. When they arrested the man, identified as 23-year-old Thomas Frudaker, they learned he had been pulling the same scam at Walmart stores across the country. He successfully used the same fraudulent return scam at a different Walmart earlier in the day. 

In total, police estimate that he pulled the scheme at thousands of Walmarts across the country over the past 18 months, bilking the company out of approximately $1.3 million. 

Frudaker was charged with two counts of theft, two counts of fraudulent schemes and artifices, and two counts of criminal damage, which are all felonies. He is being held at Yuma County Detention Center on $40,000 bond.

Photo: Yuma County Sherriff's Office


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