Pabst Blue Ribbon May Soon Be Gone

Last Call for PBR! Possibly.  The beloved 12 oz cans of budget beer may soon be a thing of the past after MillerCoors says that they no longer have the means to continue their partnership with PBR. But Pabst isn't going down without a fight (much like myself after drinking a dozen PBRs). While MillerCoors claims that they aren't being paid enough by Pabst annually to keep up production, Pabst maintains that they have more than enough capacity to keep up the partnership. If the discontinuation of this classic piece of Americana goes through, join me in boycotting MillerCoors beer! We just have to stay away from Miller and Coors..and Molson, and Blue Moon, and Crispin, Foster's, Killian, Grolsch, Keystone, Leinenkhugels, Mickey's, Milwaukee's Best, Olde English, Old Vienna, Red Dog, Steel Reserve and several others just to name a few. Easy.

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