Join Jim Shorts at T-Mobile

Join Jim Shorts and 94HJY on Friday December 14th at the T-Mobile store located at 2251 Pawtucket Ave., East Providence, RI, and see for yourself why T-Mobile is America’s most-loved wireless brand.

We'll be there from noon to 2pm.

Our days of burning through data are over. Now there’s “unlimited for all” from TMobile.

With T-Mobile Essentials, you get unlimited data starting at just 30 bucks per line for 4 lines with Autopay. So share pics of your dog or post videos of your kids. And stream on the go, right from your phone. Do what makes you, you. But don’t miss out. Stop by T-Mobile at 2251 Pawtucket Ave., East Providence, RI, this Friday!


During congestion, users on this plan may notice speeds lower than other users and further reduction if using more than 50 gigs per month. Video streams at 480p. With AutoPay. Plus taxes and fees. Unlimited data while on our network.

So, remember to stop by before 2pm to see Jim Shorts and the 94HJY Street Team and you could bring home some cool 94HJY Prizes!

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