Jenn's Mocha Stout Is BACK With A Vengeance!

Jenn's Mocha Stout is back with a vengeance and we want you to come celebrate with us!

Join us Friday March 1st from 6-8 pm at Revival Brewery in Cranston for an open to the public party, where you'll be one of the first to try their latest batch of Jenn's Beer!

Want to be a V.I.P? Hang out with Jenn all next week (2/25 - 3/1) for your shot to become a VIP and get a tour of the brewery AND some sweet HJY swag. Hey there's even a bonus chance if you enter below!

Good luck and see you Friday!

Jenn's Mocha Stout VIP Party  - Thumbnail Image

Jenn's Mocha Stout VIP Party

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