Thieves Steal 22,000 Apples From Michigan Orchard

When Ryan Spicer went to check on the apples at his family's orchard in Linden, Michigan, he was shocked o find that somebody managed to steal roughly 220,000 apples from the 5-acre farm.

The family had been hoping to harvest around 7,000 pounds of apples, which were worth an estimated $14,400.

"We were predicting about 7,000 pounds of apples to be harvested over the next week period," Spicer Orchard Harvest Manager, Matthew Spicer, told ABC12." Basically, I was pretty upset about it, because it takes a whole year to grow apples and losing something like that, that was our up and coming varieties. Evercrisp is one of our new ones out and was kind of excited to share that with people."

The family says they found tire tracks and near the field and believe that it would have taken a crew of least nine people using multiple trucks to make off with that many apples in the middle of the night. They said that the thieves didn't care about the quality of the apples because they picked ones that were not ripe yet. 

Authorities are investigating and trying to determine if the theft was related to an even bigger apple theft at an orchard in Indiana last month.