Join Steve Kelly and B101 at T-Mobile in Warwick (Post Rd.)

Join Steve Kelly and the B101 Street Team on Thursday, December 12th from 11am to 1pm at the T-Mobile in Warwick located at 1800 Post Road.

If you’re 55 and up, T-Mobile has a plan built exclusively for you. 

With Magenta Unlimited 55, you get 2 lines for $35 each per month with AutoPay. That’s right, 2 lines with unlimited talk, text and data PLUS dedicated customer care for only $35 a line. 

Legal: Customers using more than 50 gigs per month may notice reduced speeds due to prioritization. Video at 480p. Unlimited while on our network. Sales tax & regulatory fees included in monthly service price; see in-store materials for specifics. Qualifying credit required.

Stop by and join Steve Kelly and B101 at T-Mobile, 1800 Post Road in Warwick this Thursday and see for yourself why T-Mobile is America’s most loved wireless brand. See you there!

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